Our Vision and Values


Our Mission

To ensure all students have the support and opportunities to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to achieve their individual potential.

Our Vision

At West Balcatta Primary School, we provide a current, engaging and innovative curriculum that is respectful and embracing of all cultures and considers the diverse needs of students. Our safe and supportive learning environment nurtures our students, enabling them to build their emotional, social and physical well-being, whilst our high expectations support them to achieve their personal best in everything they do. Through collaborative partnerships with our whole school community, we aim to inspire a love of learning and provide a quality education that provides a strong foundation for students to adapt continuously in an ever-changing world.


Our Values

At West Balcatta Primary School we aim to establish a community in which everybody feels valued and safe, and where individual differences are appreciated, understood and accepted.  Everybody has a right to enjoy their time at school. We focus on these values:

Respect and concern for others and their rights - sensitivity to and concern for the wellbeing of other people and respect for life and property. Each student is encouraged to be caring and compassionate, to be respectful of the rights of others and to find constructive ways of managing conflict. This includes the right to learn in a friendly and non-coercive environment.

Pursuit of knowledge and commitment to achievement of potential - the lifelong disposition toward the quest for knowledge as each student strives to understand the social and natural worlds and how best to make a contribution to these worlds. Each student is encouraged to achieve his or her potential in all respects and, through critical and creative thinking, to develop a broad understanding of his or her own values and world views.

Self-acceptance and respect of self - the acceptance and respect of self, resulting in attitudes and actions that develop each student’s unique potential - physical, emotional, aesthetic, spiritual, intellectual, moral and social. Encouragement is given to developing initiative, responsibility, ethical discernment, openness to learning and a sense of personal meaning and identity.

Social and civic responsibility - the commitment to exploring and promoting the common good and meeting individual needs without infringing the basic rights of others. This includes encouraging each student to participate in democratic processes, to value diversity of cultural expression, to respect legitimate authority, to promote social justice and to support the use of research for the improvement of the quality of life.

Environmental responsibility - the commitment to developing an appreciative awareness of the interdependence of all elements of the environment, including humans and human systems, encouraging a respect and concern for Australia’s natural and cultural heritage and for forms of resource use that are regenerative and sustainable.