West Balcatta Primary School provides its students with a vibrant place of learning and a stimulating and safe environment to develop academic, social, emotional, physical and creative skills. Founded in 1977, West Balcatta has a well-established reputation as an excellent school, having been awarded the prestigious ‘WA Primary School of the Year Award’ in 2012 and continually providing a nurturing, caring and positive school environment for children in the local community.

Teaching & Learning

Our staff are professional, approachable and dedicated to fostering a collaborative school culture.  As a proud Independent Public School, West Balcatta is privileged to be able to merit-select staff and match them to the needs of students and our school community, whilst ensuring a balance of experience, knowledge, skills and expertise.  This also allows us greater flexibility to tailor the delivery of the West Australian Curriculum to more effectively meet the needs of the young people in our care. Our teachers respond to student needs and interests, which informs our approach to teaching, learning and assessment.

Our School Community

Our school is most well-known for its incredibly strong sense of community. Cooperative partnerships between families, staff and students are the foundations on which the school is built. West Balcatta enjoys the support of an active and progressive School Board and a highly energised and focused Parents and Citizens Association. West Balcatta reflects the community spirit of families within the local area, which strengthens the school’s capacity and nurtures student potential from various perspectives.