Behaviour Management

At West Balcatta Primary School, we seek to provide a safe, supportive and inclusive environment. Individuals should feel valued and experience trust, mutual respect and acceptance. Our approach to behaviour issues is non-punitive and restorative in nature. A range of strategies are employed to establish and maintain a supportive culture and positive learning environment, teach and encourage pro-social behaviour, improve student wellbeing and reinforce positive behaviour. We believe families, staff and students have a shared responsibility in teaching and encouraging appropriate behaviour.


The West Balactta Primary School Code of Conduct:

  1. We respect and are responsible for ourselves
    • We wear our uniforms with pride and our hats outside
    • We learn and play safely
  2. We respect others
    • We speak politely and use manners
    • We are kind and considerate to others
    • We follow the instructions of staff at all times
  3. We respect the environment
    • We eat and play in the right areas and walk on hard surfaces
    • We put our rubbish in bins
    • We look after property belonging to ourselves, others and the school