Student Services

West Balcatta Primary School supports the endeavours of students to reach their full potential in the areas of academic, social, emotional, cultural and physical growth. Every student has the right to receive an education that addresses their individual needs and assists them in fulfilling their potential.  The staff at West Balcatta Primary School value ‘play’ as an important tool in the teaching and learning process. Through play, there are clear positive outcomes in physical and mental health and cognitive development. It is known that social competence is best nurtured through socio-dramatic and pretend play.


As a result, West Balcatta students engage in play with loose parts and in natural environments (such as 'The Backyard'). The ‘Loose parts’ theory is about remembering that the best play comes from things that allow children to play in many different ways and on many different levels. Environments that include ‘loose parts’ are infinitely more stimulating and engaging that static ones. The importance of nature to children's development has been suggested across both decades and disciplines. Children themselves prefer natural to built environments and specifically trees and grassy spaces. Natural play settings provide more opportunities for both physical and creative play than built play settings.


West Balcatta also supports its students by providing opportunities for social and emotional development through programs such as Breakfast Club, Building Buddies, Chit Chat Tuesday and the use of a Buddy Bench.