Road Safety

Motorists should be considerate when parking and when dropping off/picking up students, as well as respecting road signs around the school.  Students are asked to keep out of staff car parks at all times. Parents are also asked to park legally in designated parking areas along Cedric Street, Amelia Street and Hotchkiss Drive.


Kiss 'n' Drive Facilities

This parking facility located on the school grounds at the southern end of the oval is available to all parents and visitors between 7:30am and 3:30pm, with entry from Hotchkiss Drive.  The 13 angled parking bays can be used for all-day parking.  The 4 parallel bays at the eastern end of the Kiss ‘n’ Drive are for short-term parking, ie drivers remain in vehicles with motor running whilst children (Years 1 - 6 only) are dropped off or picked up (maximum stop: 1 minute). On leaving the Kiss ‘n’ Drive vehicles are only permitted to turn left onto Amelia Street.


A Kiss ‘n’ Drive facility is also available on Cedric Street in front of the staff car park. We do ask that students walk through the pedestrian gates and not the staff car park for safety. Parents, please refrain from conducting three-point turns and u-turns or turning into the staff car park on Cedric Street, as it creates an unsafe road environment where our children cannot be seen easily.


Traffic Warden

A traffic warden controls the crosswalk on Amelia Street. Students should use this service and give the warden full cooperation.